' the Woodlouse: Planning permission progress report


Saturday, 3 December 2011

Planning permission progress report

Yesterday we got official confirmation that our planning application has been received and registered.  The full details (all 20 documents of application 1/D/11/001941...) are now available for viewing and comment on the council's website (apart from brief down-time for maintenance this weekend).  So it's passed the bureaucratic hurdle of validation, has been allocated a case officer, and things are moving along.  The planning officer allocated to the case should be making a site visit shortly (I still don't know whether or not we show them around or whether they just go and have a look from the street). The application is open for comments until 23rd December, so with luck we should get a decision early in the new year (they say we should hear by 12th January 2012).  Keeping fingers crossed.

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